August saw the launch of our second, custom-made Excavator Carrying work boat 'Newark' - and since joining the fleet, she has enjoyed a successful, non-stop late Summer and Autumn assisting The Canal and River Trust with Piling works across the country!

Based on her sister vessel 'Element', 'Newark' is 40FT long x 6FT 10" wide and has a draught of 2" unladen. Fitted with four hydraulic 'Spud' legs - which can operate to maximum depth of 2Ms- 'Newark' also has a raised working area running the length of the vessel's hold, which combined with the legs, provides a stable working platform from which the Excavator can travel and operate from almost any position on the vessel for added versatility.

A number of attachments are also available to fit our Excavators for use on this vessel, meaning 'Newark' is particularly suited to Piling, Dredging and Nico-spanning works. As a self propelled vessel, 'Newark' is easily moveable between sites, whilst our Excavator's fold-down canopies allow for easy passage through bridge holes.

'Newark' is also fully fitted with Welfare facilities.

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